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World Deaf Golf Championships 2014 Daily Updates:

DGA are pleased to provide daily updates on the Australian team's performance at the 2014 World Deaf Golf Championships at Grand Traverse Resort, Michigan, USA on 12-18 July 2014, (website

18 July Final Round

Australia's Jack Besley wins WDGC 2014 Championship!

Jack Besley won the Men's 2014 Championship in great style - winning by a comfortable margin - 4 under par 68 in the 4th round. Jack's winning 4 round total score of 295 was seven strokes ahead of Denmark's Hans Elgard 302. In 3rd place is England's Michael Burris on 306. Our heartiest congratulations to Jack Besley on winning the Championship! More details to come.

17 July 3rd Round
It was the most perfect weather to play golf in - clear skies and minimal wind. However for most players the two courses did not relent. The chief complaint appears to be centred on the very challenging pin placements. Australia had another very tough day at the office. Western Australia's Tony Klimek carded a brilliant 81. We are told the Australian Seniors are currently leading the table in the Senior's team event. Craig Douglas had his best round score carding 92. Chantell seems to be improving with each round carding a very respectable 88! Jack Besley seems to be holding out on his own quite well despite the very challenging pin placements today. He is leading the field by 2 strokes on 277.

Men's Result After 3rd Round:
1st 75 76 76 total 227 Jack Besley
15th 80 83 85 total 248 Jack McLeod
24th 91 79 88 total 258 Luke Ellis
35th 89 83 89 total 261 Andy Honeysett
36th 84 86 95 total 265 Mark Aird
54th 97 96 92 total 285 Craig Douglas

Senior's Result :
10th 86 86 81 total 253 Tony Klimek
13th 87 85 94 total 266 Wayne Parsons
22nd 97 85 93 total 275 Kevin Hayden

Women's Result :
4th 87 89 90 total 266 Jennifer Maric
8th 91 91 88 total 270 Chantell Greaves
13th 98 96 98 total 292 Therese Pierce

· Mark Aird
· Chantell Greaves
· Graham Home caddying for Chantell
· Jack McLeod
· Jack Besley
· Wayne Parsons
· Andy Honeysett
· Jennifer Maric

16 July 2nd Round
Thankfully the sun came out for most of the day and so everyone was much happier to play compared to yesterday's near washout! Nonetheless, "The Bear" course for the men's proved challenging and problematic for all players. "The Wolverine" course for both the Ladies and Seniors event was no less challenging. We are thrilled to report that Australia's own Jack Besley remains the individual leader after 2 rounds on 151 points. DGA decided to do a quick interview with Jack :-

DGA:This is your 3rd WDGC campaign, can you tell us in your own words how do you compare this WDGC with the previous two?
Jack Besley:This is by far the toughest WDGC Championship I have played and there is no comparison with the previous two (2012 and 2010).

DGA: How do you compare yesterday's performance with today?
Jack Besley: Considering the much improved weather today I must admit I played better in yesterday's atrocious weather! Today there were far too many wayward shots so I need to improve my game for the remaining two rounds!

DGA: How do you feel about your current 1st placing in the tournament so far?
Jack Besley: I am very suprised with my result considering how tough the course has been for everybody in the competition. Mind you I am only trailing by the slimmest of margins - one stroke by 2 players from 2 different countries! I will still need to play my absolute best in the next 2 days!

DGA: Which team do you think is the "danger team"?
Jack Besley: The Americans are the team to watch out for because they are coming 1st. We'll need to play our best in the remaining two rounds to have any chance of beating them!

DGA: Which is the toughest hole?
Jack Besley:No doubt the par 4 5th hole! It is just so tough. There are many other tough holes in the course but nowhere near the 5th!

DGA: Congratulations Jack on your superb performance in the championships and we wish you the best for the rest of the competition.

Men's Result After 2nd Round:
1st 75 76 total 151 Jack Besley
14th 80 83 total 163 Jack McLeod
24th 84 86 total 170 Mark Aird
24th 91 79 total 170 Luke Ellis
29th 89 83 total 172 Andy Honeysett
56th 97 96 total 193 Craig Douglas

Senior's Result :
9th 86 86 total 172 Tony Klimek
9th 87 85 total 172 Wayne Parsons
18th 97 85 total 182 Kevin Hayden

Women's Result :
6th 87 89 total 176 Jennifer Maric
8th 91 91 total 182 Chantell Greaves
13th 98 96 total 194 Therese Pierce

Men's Team Result :
Australia (649 points) jumped from fourth to third place and trailing the leaders USA (630 points) by 19 points. England is running second with 642 points. ​

Senior's Team Result :
Australia is placed 4th on 343 points and trailing the leaders the USA (319 points) by some 24 points. We are still at the half way point in the competition so there is some hope!

Women's Team Result :
Australia remains 2nd placed at the half way mark on 358 points and some 33 points behind the USA (325 points).

For more detailed results please click here

· Luke Ellis
· Chantell Greaves
· Tony Klimek

15 July 1st Round

Initial weather reports forecasted rain and surely enough there was a steady down pour half way through the round. Not exactly ideal golf weather for everyone in the field unfortunately. Apart from the inclement weather there were some notable performances :- ​

Jack Besley was one of the first to finish at the club house with the lowest score of 75 in the competition despite missing opportunities at the last hole. He was fortunate to have missed most of the day's steady downpour. Well done Jack! ​​

Our current WDG Champion Jack McLeod had a late start and had to contend with the watery conditions for most of the day carding a 80. ​​

Mark Aird was Australia's 3rd best mens scorer with 84. Andy Honeysett managed to open the championship with 89. Luke Ellis had a rather forgettable 91 and will be looking for a far better score in the remaining rounds. Craig finished with 98. ​​

Therese Pierce carded 98 - not a bad effort for 1st time playing in the WDGC. Chantell also playing her first WDGC scored an admirable 91 in spite of the wet conditions. Jennifer was Australia's best performing woman golfer scoring 87. ​

Queensland's Kevin Hayden carded 97 in the Senior's event. Our other two seniors Wayne & Tony (WA) were a stroke apart with 87 & 86 respectively in the same event. ​

Men's Result :
1st 75 Jack Besley
7th 80 Jack McLeod
19th 84 Mark Aird
35th 89 Andy Honeysett
40th 91 Luke Ellis
53rd 98 Craig Douglas

Women's Result :
6th 87 Jennifer Maric
8th 91 Chantell Greaves
13th 98 Therese Pierce

Men's Team Result :
Australia (328 points) is in fourth place trailing only by a mere 6 points from the leading team USA (322 points). England is running second with 325 points followed by Denmark on 327 points. With 3 more rounds to go, it is a wide open contest that any team can win! ​

Women's Team Result :
Australia is coming second on 178 points trailing the leaders USA (162 points) by 16 points! There is every real chance we may win this contest come Friday the 18th!

For more detailed results please click here

· Jack McLeod (NSW)
· Craig Douglas (NSW)
· Chantell Greaves (NSW)
· Jennifer Maric (QLD)

14 July Practice Round & Shootout

Today was practice round for all players however there was a friendly 'Shootout' competition organised by the WDGC14 Committee at 3pm today. One player was selected to represent their country in each of the 3 events - Men's, Seniors & Women's. The women's teed off the 1st hole - with all 7 women teeing off. Then the seniors teed off the same hole some 10 mins later - 11 countries. Finally the Men's teed off 10 minutes later - 11 countries again. Each country is then progressively "knocked out" over the next few holes. Eventual winners were :- 1st Norway in the Women's, 1st Japan in the Senior's and then finally the USA in the Men's. Australia chose Therese Pierce who came 4th, Wayne Parsons for the Seniors and who came 5th ( to be confirmed). Luke Ellis represented Australia in the Men's Shootout and came 5th (to be confirmed).

· Luke Ellis representing Australia in the Men's Shootout
· Wayne Parsons representing Australia in the Senior's Shootout
· Therese Pierce representing Australia in the Women's Shootout

13 July Opening Ceremony
· Informal Team Photo
· Formal Team Photo Indoor
· Formal Team Photo Outdoor

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