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Deaf Golf Australia Information

Deaf Golf Australia is a National Deaf Sports Committee (NDSC) of Deaf Sports Australia (DSA).


    13 Sep 2023 - 26th Australian Deaf Golf Championships 2023 - Results
    23 Jan 2023 - 26th Australian Deaf Golf Championships RACV Royal Pines, Gold Coast August 2023
    27 Oct 2021 - DGA Celebrates 50 Years of Championships
    18 Aug 2021 - EVENT CANCELLATION : 26th Australian Deaf Golf Championships, Perth WA
    21 Oct 2020 - 26th Australian Deaf Golf Championships to be held in Perth WA, October 2021
    15 Jul 2019 - Australian Team WDGC 2020 England
    18 Apr 2019 - Australian Deaf Golf Championships Launceston
    11 Mar 2019 - Deaf golfer's first top 5 finish since turning Professional
    5 Feb 2019 - World Deaf Golf Ladies Champion Qualifies for Vic Open
    28 Sept 2018 - 25th Australian Deaf Golf Championships to be held in Launceston Tasmania, April 2019
    24 July 2018 - Australia Wins Bid to Host WDGC 2022
    20 June 2018 - Largest team of Australian golfers to WDGC 2018


    President - Therese Pierce (VIC) -
    Secretary - Mariellen Coles (VIC)
    Treasurer - Vacant

    PR Marketing - Geoff Read (NSW)

    The above committee is ably supported by the following executive state representatives in Australia :-

    Queensland - Jason Bergstrom -
    New South Wales - Luke Ellis -
    Victoria - Jack Besley -
    Western Australia - Tony Klimek -
    South Australia - Ben Hatchard -
    Tasmania - Leigh Harrison -



    Australian Deaf Golf Championships - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. I want to play at the ADGC but I am only an average golfer.

    All deaf and hard of hearing golfers are welcome to play and represent the state they live and play golf in. You must be a current financial member of the state you reside in Deaf Golf organisation to register to play at the ADGC. Hearing aids and cochlear are not permitted to be worn during competition (this is in keeping up with the World Deaf Golf Championships and ICSD*/ Deaflympics standards).

    *ICSD = International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.

    2. I moved states 15 months ago to live and work but my drivers license shows the state when my family lives which state do I play for?

    Residency criteria must be followed and currently under Deaf Sports Australia the guidelines the 6 months residency applies.

    3. I wish to be selected for Australian Team for World Deaf Golf Championships.

    To be selected for the team you must have good results at the championships and finish within the top placings of the category you play in. Your level of deafness must be 55db in the better ear.

    To meet team selection, your Golf Australia handicap must be within that set by World Deaf Golf Federation, for the category (Juniors, Men, Women, Seniors, Super Seniors).

    4. But my Golf Handicap is very low why cant I be selected if I am unable to attend the ADGC?

    DGA does not use current GAs in team selections. Rather the scores at the championships are the better indicator that the golfer can play at WDGC levels if they meet the handicap criteria. It has been found in past championships that handicaps does not reflect their scores or the level of competition they may play on their home course. One wildcard per group category will be available for consideration AFTER the ADGC championships and this will be discussed with the Australian Team Captain, Australian Team Manager and DGA Executive Committee.

    5. Can I attend World Deaf Golf Championships as an individual golfer?

    Allowance for INDIVIDUALS to participate in WDGC is dependent on the number of golfers from international teams registered for the WDGC event. WDGF will announce availability spots for individuals AFTER all countries have submitted their team registrations, at least 3 months prior to the WDGC event. There is a cap in the number of golfers playing at the WDGC event.

    6. If COVID-19 restrictions or border closure results in me not being able to attend the ADGC (e.g. in Perth 2021). Do I get my money back?

    DGA or Host State takes no responsibility should you be impacted by the border closures or other circumstances as a result of COVID-19 restrictions or border closures.

    Eg. If you cannot return to your home state, or you require hotel or other quarantine on arrival back to your home state → This is at your expense.


    Full refund of REGISTRATION guaranteed – decision to be made in August 2021.

    DGA will contact the home state hosting the Australian Deaf Golf Championships and verify the policy for refunds for accommodation.

    EG. For 2021 ADGC, The Vines Golf resort in Perth have a 30 day refund policy if they are notified up to 30 days in advance before the ADGC event. This is your responsibility to contact the accommodation and airlines and arrange a refund.

    Airline travel is individuals responsibility to follow up regarding refunds or vouchers.
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